Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions. But here is a short answer for most of them.
1. I make ropes by myself.
2. I send them all over the world.
3. I am ready to cooperate with distributors and stores.
4. I have discounts on large orders.

Why should I like the ropes?

There is a huge theoretical basis about why a tether is better than mono wire, but I recommend you to check it out by yourself!

How delivery works?

All parcels are sent from Russia by standard mail. The average delivery time is 10 days.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery usually takes about 10-12 days. All goods are in stock and delivery time is depend by postal services work.

What countries are shipping to?

All orders are delivered by mail. From experience I can report that the longest delivery lasted for 12 days.

Do you have buyer protection?

If my rope will be defective through the fault of the post office, I will send you a new one. If you will not like the taste of my rope, write to me, we will pick up something you like and you could make a new order.

Do you work with shops?

I am ready to provide substantial discounts for large orders.

How to cooperate with you?

Write to me and we will agree about the terms of cooperation.